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I'm a guy who made 4 comic books about my serie,hoping to make mores and get a little bit famous

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EdwardandZalshow's News

Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 4 days ago

Hi there

As i said in my twitter not so far from today i will start uni to another city from where i live, i won't be able to use my pc to make digital drawings and i will rarely draw in traditional, so i am here to say that because of this i will take a break (worst case scenario the break will last until the end if the school year) so i won't be active, but i won't delete this account

Thank you all for reading this

Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 2 weeks ago

Some months have passed since i deleted my twitter account, but i decided to come back because i had too many friends over there and the quality of the posts are better than Instagram


For now i only made the SFW account, maybe i'll do the NSFW one these days with another newgrounds NSFW account


Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 2 weeks ago

I have fully uploaded my comic book on my theduckswebcomics account so if you are interested in it go check it out now!

I will still upload here on newgrounds 2 page per day and every single strip of 1 page on my instagram

This will probably be the last big thing i post before starting uni.



Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 2 weeks ago

As i said the last days on Instagram, i started to remakey last comic book in digital, with colors and some fixes of the original, plus it will be in english! The quality isn't going to be the best when it comes to lineart since its a digitalization of a scanned picture if the drawing.


I will upload individually every scenes of the comic for each page on Instagram, i though to post the full version of the page on my NG and probably thinking to do it on theduckswebcomics too!


Although this is my first time doing something like this, it won't be the start of the actual serie "Edward and Zal's show"


I will reveal the start and the comic book in which begins at the end of this project, although i will start uni soon so it's going to be very difficult focusing on only drawing and not studyiu_406176_8135690.webp

Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 1 month ago

Hello there, 


I wanted to post a big news: I will start working on my comic books and post it online on comicfury or the duck webcomics (i haven't decided which one to use now); I will post my last comic book which I digitalized and fixed it; I will also begin "The Edward and Zal's show" with a big project which is not "Burger machine" , but it will feature an old character of mine ;)


I want to warn you that i will start uni next week so it's going to be difficult to post and work on it, so don't expect me to be very active


That's all I have to say, thanks for your attention


Posted by EdwardandZalshow - 1 month ago

Hi there, It's me again, I have se other news about the comic books and the NSFW account

I think that for the moment I will make comic books as an indipendent artists and post it on some site for free since money isn't really my main thing, I'd like more to be seen for my art than making money from it.

I also wanted to say that I will delete my NSFW account and post its stuff here on my main since "Raw 'n naked" is still part of the "Edward and Zal's show" universe.

I'm going to message my comic book course's teacher for some advices about it since it's really an unclear thing I want to do, so having the opinion of an expert is always good to hear it.

That's all, stay tuned for the next update


Posted by EdwardandZalshow - August 13th, 2021

Hi there, after some researches I think that one of the best way to publish my comic books is self production because not only i would be able to make some multilanguage version (english and italian are the main ones), but it would be alot easier to set time during my years at university!

Some problems are that I really don't know how to draw comic books in digital (for now) and that I am not very known so it's going to be difficult to sell my products

Plus I am working on the characters and interactions of my 2nd story called "Burger machine"

Another thing which is not really related on comic is that I am publically saying about my alt/NSFW account for one of ky many comic series called "Raw 'n naked" which you can find it on my links or you can click here to see it, you can check my main account too if you want

Thanks for reading, Giorgio

Posted by EdwardandZalshow - August 1st, 2021

Hello everyone, Giorgio here

I wanted to say that I won't post drawings for a while not because i am on hiatus or on a break, but because I have decided to work on big comic book projects I have, starting with "Bunblot chapter 2" and RnN

I will probably post some sketches and updates

Thanks for reading this far


Posted by EdwardandZalshow - July 12th, 2021

After thinking about it, i probably stay here on newgrounds too.

I have been here only for an year and got scouted, it's something at last; i think it passed too little time to decide what to do

I also want to get closer to the community in here, might join a couple of events if i can

I alredy made up my mind about Twitter and i won't come back to it

Thanks for reading as always



Posted by EdwardandZalshow - January 10th, 2021

Hello again,it's me again

Just wanted to say that some time ago i opened a raffle on my Twitter that will end on the 25th;after that i'll probably go back to ny break.

This month,I got also been SCOUTED!!😳 jokes aside,i'm really happy that it happened,but i'm kinda scared because i think my artwork is not good enough for this big privilege.

I'll also start my 4th comic book at february,so it's going to take a lot of work

Thanks for reading.