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I'm a guy who made 4 comic books about my serie,hoping to make mores and get a little bit famous

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It’s not that tough when you get used to it. I do it all the time. Write down ideas and rules to your world, a setting, conflicts, antagonist (it can be the character’s self, another person, or nature) give the characters clear goals, distinctive flaws and personalities, weaknesses, inner conflicts and fears. Andvmake them face them eventually.

Test out and brainstorm with mini templates of what each page looks like on actual paper, different camera angles colors shadows poses and varied panel shapes can really add to the immersion emotions. All identical boxes gets a bit boring for the reader if it’s long.

I’d suggest to write a rough draft of your comic on paper first. If you doubt it’s quality I usually put it away and come back later with a fresh perspective. Be yourself and write what you know.

If you’re a one man team I highly suggest writing short comics, if you do a 30 panel per page comic you’ll burn out. Also setting limits on your art opens your mind to creative work arounds.
And let’s be honest people’s attention spans are shrinking.
Also keep in mind what the reader sees.

Since this site doesn’t have a next page button you can add links to the first, previous, and next comic in the description or use up the extra 9 images that you can add to your description.

Or make a Comicfury.com site. Comic Fury unlike NG has a next, previous, end, and first buttons on arrival, with it primarily being a comic book a platform and all. And here on NG in the description or your profile links you can link your readers to your other page. Well I hope this helps.